MindIdentity Redesign
——for HUAWE

Type of work: MindIdentity, BehaviorIdentity, VisualIdentity

Teammates: with three classmates from college, Xu Liwen, Yi Xiaona and He Ya

Date: Nov.2019

About the project

This project was completed as part of a visual design practicum course. Working in groups, each team selected a brand’s visual identity system to redesign. We spend two weeks make it.

Our team chose Huawei, which was going through challenging times. Our design inspiration stemmed from this, using an arched line as the logo shape to Reliable, Persistent, Energetic and Enterperising—traits that align well with Huawei’s original brand personality.

The arched line resembles a spring coiling downward before surging upward. This conveys a sense of reliability and perseverance. Overall, our redesign aims to refresh Huawei’s visual identity to highlight these qualities and re-energize the brand during a transitional period.

My takeaway

Through this project, we gained valuable experience in collaborating as a team to understand a brand’s key attributes, target audience, and business objectives. We then conceptualized an impactful visual identity solution and produced a full set of brand guidelines. This hands-on opportunity allowed us to apply theoretical knowledge from our coursework to a practical rebranding challenge.

I’m open to new opportunities and would love to hear from you.

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