—— Laundry solution for Business Trips

Type of work: UX Design \ Service Design

Teammates: Individual Work

Date: Oct.2022-Dec.2022

About the project

Ease connects customers, hotels and other stakeholders like a link so that users can get personalized, comfortable laundry services, and hotels and other stakeholders will also benefit from it.

Insight & Research & Interview

Staying in a hotel is a share experience, but laundry on travelling may bother us. It costs too much for washing service. The washing machines hardly have sufficient cleaning power. For the frequent travellers, who demands a higher degree of neatness and cleanliness, the hotel laundry problems are even more severe.

According to the qualitative in-depth interview with 12 people who travel frequently, to obtain their processes, thoughts, concerns, and problems they frequently meet when doing laundry while travelling .

Q1:Do you often use the hotel laundry when you travel? why or why not?

I would use it because sometimes when I travel long time,like more than three days, laundry for me is necessary.

Q2:What do you care most about hotel laundry?

The hygiene of the hotel washing machines and the brand of laundry detergent, since the cleanliness is crucial,, and the detergent affects the condition of the clothes after washing such as softness and smell.

Q3:What problems have you encountered when doing laundry in hotels?

Usually I don’t like the laundry detergent from hotel, or the laundry is not clean enough for me to continue wearing it.

Washing clothes is often essential for people on the go, so how can we ease their concerns about hotel laundry and optimize our hotel’s laundry service?

Uesr experience map

Offering map

The user journey map suggests that Lily’s emotion changes. By decomposing and synthesizing the problems in the user journey map, the opportunities were identified. Finally, the Offering Map was built by analyzing the feasibility of the opportunity point.

Service ecology map & final plan


System map

Business Canvas

Function & Infomation Architecture

InnEase conducts “EASE” laundry certification for hotels, and users can choose according to their needs when browsing the hotel list. After arriving at the hotel, users can reserve laundry services on the APP, view the history of the washing machine, and select personalized laundry detergent and robot pick-up and delivery services. Moreover, check the running status of the washing machine in real-time on a mobile phone.



The information architecture along with the user interfaces was iterated according to the feedback of the usability test, after which the high fidelity prototype was finished accordingly.

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