Audience Research for Stage Arts

Industry: Public cultural services

Type of work: User Reseach \ Strategy

Client: Beijing Culture and Art Foundation

My Role: User Research, Strategy, Service Design

Teammates: collaborated with two service designer from our company

Date: Mar.2022-Apr.2022

Extent of the project: 2 months, full-time

About the project

This is an in-depth research project aiming to explore the demands of stage art audiences in Beijing and improve the communication and promotion strategies of stage performances.  

We  interviewed 20 audiences in Beijing with diverse backgrounds, covering students, corporate employees, government agency staff, professionals, and retirees. The interviewees also have different levels of understanding towards stage performances, from newcomers to senior lovers. And the same time, we also visited 5 representatice theaters in Beijing.

What I did

 I have been fully involved in this project, from recruiting and screening users, conducting interviews to final report generation.

This project aims to gain insight into audiences’ genuine experiences and deeper motivations for watching stage performances, and identify the key factors that shape the atmosphere and social environment of stage art appreciation.


Project Impact

The strategic recommendations from this project have been adopted, some of the recommendations regarding building an integrated online platform, providing more interactive experience, and cross-sector collaboration have been put into practice.

I’m open to new opportunities and would love to hear from you.

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