" Treasure Hunt "

“Findy Hunty bring you to a world where fantasy and nature intertwine, every moment is a treasure waiting to be found.”


Experience Fordham Park with “Findy Hunty,” an augmented reality treasure hunt that brings a blend of nature, history, and fantasy to life. This innovative application invites users to explore the park not just as it is today, but as a realm of enchantment.

Utilizing advanced AR technologies like image tracking, hand tracking, and ASL Fingerspelling, combined with behavior scripts and custom-designed UI elements, “Findy Hunty” crafts a unique storyline, this narrative thread weaves through the park, connecting players with characters such as Sylvan the tree elf, Fleuria the flower fairy, and Buzzy the bee elf. These characters guide players through engaging puzzles and tasks, enriching the park visit with layers of interactive storytelling and environmental education.

Map design for Fordham Park

Fordham Park is a serene green space in the heart of New Cross, London – a place for relaxation and leisure.

In the heart of New Cross, Fordham Park unfolds as the living canvas for ‘Findy Hunty,’ a captivating AR treasure hunt. Our team meticulously designed the game map, drawing inspiration from the park’s natural layout and the rich tapestry of its environment. Through several field trips, we’ve crafted a path that harmoniously intertwines with the park’s features, leading players on an enchanting journey through three distinct but interconnected story points.

Stories of Findy Hunty & User Journey

Scene 1: Woodland Whispers: with tree elf, Sylvan

This scene with the tree, Fordham, emphasizes the connection with nature. Intimate and mystical interaction with the natural world, where players begin their journey by unlocking the secrets hidden in the park’s tree.

Scene 2: Blossom Bloom: with flowers fairy, Fleuria

In this flower-themed scene, players engage in a more introspective journey. The blossoming of personal insights and self-awareness.

Scene 3: Nectar Nexus: with bee elf, Buzzy

This scene with the tree, Fordham, emphasizes the connection with nature. Intimate and mystical interaction with the natural world, where players begin their journey by unlocking the secrets hidden in the park’s tree.

The user journey in “Findy Hunty” is a mix of exploration, learning, and interaction. Starting with an introduction to the AR world, players meet characters like Sylvan, Fleuria, and Buzzy, who guide them through puzzles and tasks, culminating in a final celebratory scene.

User Interface Elements

Tech and Code

The main technologies we used in the project are image tracking, hand tracking, and ASL Fingerspelling, together with a series of behavior scripts and our own designed UI elements, 2D animations, and audios, which finally formed a ParkLife story line.

  • Field research
  • Story construction
  • User Interface design
  • NPC design
  • Coding



Reflecting on the development and execution of “Findy Hunty,” our team’s vision for an AR experience in Fordham Park has been basically realized. From the initial concept, our ambition was to create an immersive game that not only entertains but also educates players about the natural environment.

Meeting the Initial Goal:
While we successfully brought the enchanting world of “Findy Hunty” to life, complete with captivating characters and a compelling narrative, there were areas where the project deviated from our initial vision. One notable aspect was the storyline’s clarity throughout the game. We found that participants sometimes struggled to follow the narrative flow, indicating a need for clearer guidance, possibly through added text or voice prompts. Additionally, the art direction and consistency across different chapters could have been more aligned with our original artistic vision.

Most Challenging Part:
The greatest challenge we faced was the integration of various elements into a cohesive AR experience. The technical aspects, particularly the stability of Len studio’s recognition features, posed significant hurdles. There were instances of malfunction or inconsistency, which impacted the user experience. However, through perseverance and collaborative problem-solving, we managed to address these issues effectively. Despite these challenges, the dedication and creativity of every team member shone through in their contributions.

Reflections and Learnings:
This project has been a profound learning experience, especially in understanding the importance of attention to detail in AR development. Any minor imperfection or misalignment in the AR models could break the immersion, a critical factor for the success of such an application. Additionally, the project highlighted the significance of user experience design, particularly in guiding and informing players throughout their journey in the game.

Future Improvements:
Given more time and resources, I would focus on enhancing user interaction and the interestingness of the story. While there are areas for improvement, the project stands as a testament to our team’s capability to innovate and adapt.

AR Module

Group 3

Diana Kaiutina, Jintao Yu, Li Huang, Yu Zhang, Ziwei Niu

I’m Yu Zhang, as part of the team, my contributions were diverse:

Stories creation
NPC Drawing: Illustrated and animated the characters, adding personality and charm.
Sound Design/Music: Crafted the auditory elements to enhance the gaming atmosphere.
Project Management: Participated in sketching and timeline planning, ensuring efficient workflow and timely execution.

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