Call for Artists: Experimental Program


Researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London, are seeking artists or enthusiasts from any field to participate in August 2024 at the Goldsmiths Art Gallery in London. This residency will freely explore and express the poetic works of the “Poetry Shop” organization. The exhibition will be accompanied by online interviews and real-time updates from the founders of the Poetry Shop, and will tour various cities in the UK and it China. 

This is part of the Beijing Picheng Art Exhibition Project, which aims to experimentally innovate based on the works of the “Poetry Shop,” allowing poetry to transcend paper and screens. It observes how poetry in its textual form can extend into new meanings when combined with different artistic forms. Artists’ creations offer new interpretations of poetry from various perspectives, making the original intentions or vague concepts of the poets more concretely expressed. 

Additionally, an online space for this exhibition is concurrently being established.

伦敦大学金史密斯学院的研究人员正在寻找艺术爱好者或者从业者参加 2024 年 8 月在伦敦金史密斯学院美术馆展览项目。该驻场项目将自由探讨和表达“诗歌商店”该组织的诗歌作品。本次展览将匹配线上访谈和诗歌商店创始人的实时动态,并且会在英国其他城市以及中国部分城市进行巡展。 



Residency Theme: Beyond the Surface – Visualizing the Poetic and Musical Works of the ‘Poetry Shop’


We are looking for artists to create and explore the poetic works from Beijing’s “Poetry Shop,” challenging the disassembly and reshaping of these works through different artistic forms and personal interpretations. The exhibition, serving as an experimental space, allows us to observe and understand the interactions and influences among the audience, artists, and poetic works.

In this context, we are interested in the following types of questions:

  • How can visual arts surpass the linguistic boundaries of poetry and music to create a new, multidimensional narrative?
  • How can artists visually represent the dynamic interaction between the audience, poetry, and music during the exhibition?
  • Can visual art reveal and explore the hidden layers and nuances of “Poetry Shop” works that might not be immediately evident in the original texts?
  • How can artists use visual interpretation to critique or comment on the emotions and social issues expressed in the “Poetry Shop” works?
  • How do we view representatives of society’s often most vulnerable and marginalized “fringe groups”?

We also welcome further exploration from other perspectives!



  • 视觉艺术如何超越诗歌和音乐的语言限制,创造一种新的、多维的叙事? 
  • 艺术家如何在展览中直观地表现观众、诗歌和音乐之间的动态互动? 
  • 视觉艺术能否揭示和探索“诗歌商店”作品中隐藏的层次和细微差别,而这些在原始文本可能不会立即显现出来? 
  • 艺术家如何利用视觉诠释来批判或评论“诗歌商店”的作品所表达的情绪和社会问题? 
  • 我们如何看待以”小海”为代表的,社会中通常是最脆弱和边缘化的”边缘人群”? 


Participation Process


  1. Send us your participation interest
  2. We will provide you with more specific information and an introduction to the exhibition
  3. Freely explore the exhibition blueprint, “Poetry Shop” introduction, totaling 66 works, and exhibition tips on the exhibition website
  4. Choose content that resonates with you
    Freely express your interpretation
  5. Mail/send your files to us  (cc:
  6. Participate in the exhibition setup with us or on your own
  1. 给我们发送参与意向
  2. 我们会给大家发更具体的展览相关信息和介绍
  3. 在展览网站自由探索展览蓝图,“诗歌商店”简介,共计66个作品,展览tips
  4. 选择自己被触动的内容
  5. 任意挥洒自己的表达
  6. 邮寄/发送文件给我们至 (并抄送 )
  7. 交给我们或者和我们一起参与布展

Exhibition Space


This exhibition will take place physically in August 2024 at the Goldsmiths, University of London Art Gallery. We will also invite various experts from academia and the art world, as well as cultural media, to visit us during the exhibition. Additionally, an online component will be developed to complement the exhibition’s needs, including real-time updates and introductions of the artists. As the participating works come from different countries, we do not require artists to commit to being physically present. To accommodate creators who cannot attend in person, you can participate in online publishing activities, preview videos, and chat online with the founders of the “Poetry Shop” and other creators.



Key Dates


  • Application Deadline: June 15, 2024
  • Application Decision Notification: Within one week of receiving the application
  • Artwork Submission Deadline: July 15, 2024
  • Kick-off Event Date: August 1, 2024
  • 申请截至日期:2024年6月15日
  • 申请决定通知:在收到申请后的一周内
  • 作品截稿日期:2024年7月15日
  • 启动活动日期:2024年8月1日
  • 线下预期展览时间:2024年8月1日-9月1日



  • Each selected work may participate in subsequent tours in other cities.
  • Every artist will receive official online promotion of the exhibition.
  • Works may be recognized in the official social media of Goldsmiths, University of London, various cultural media, and non-profit academic papers.
  • Direct interaction with Picheng artists online or offline.
  • Opportunities to connect and interact with other artists, scholars, and members of the digital goods network in our various virtual spaces.
  • Invitations to participate in exhibitions held at the Beijing Penghao Theatre during the Poetry Festival, as well as related extension activities in Beijing Picheng.
  • 入围的每个作品均可以参与后续在其他城市的巡展。
  • 每位艺术家都可以获得展览官方线上推广。
  • 作品可能在伦敦大学金史密斯学院官方社媒,不同文化媒体,非营利性的学术论文中被认可。
  • 直接与皮村艺术家门进行线上或线下的交流。
  • 在我们各种虚拟空间中与其他艺术家,学者和数字商品网络的其他成员建立联系和互动的机会。
  • 可以受邀参与展览在北京蓬蒿剧院举办的联合戏剧的诗歌节,以及北京皮村的相关延伸活动。

Eligibility criteria


We welcome diverse voices from around the world to help us articulate new visions of poetry with different perspectives. Thus, this residency is open to international artists/enthusiasts and practitioners.

Interested in applying? Please contact the email below or the exhibition organizing team. Applicants are required to provide 2-3 sentences explaining your interest in this exhibition and a link to your website or a brief portfolio (PDF format; no larger than 10MB) or 2-3 examples of your work.







What does the “Poetry Shop” collection include?
13 videos + 54 poems

Can I apply multiple times with different proposals?
Yes, as long as they can be completed.

Can I change my proposal?
No, changes are not allowed after the exhibition space has been confirmed.

We are a collective; can we apply together?
Yes, we accept proposals from artist collectives.

Do I retain ownership of the artwork and creations made for the residency?
Yes, artists will retain all rights to their created artworks. However, we will have the right to use the artworks during the exhibition to ensure they are publicly displayed. We also plan to accept media interviews and publish academic papers highlighting the artworks (non-profit), where artists will be recognized.

Do I need to create new artwork for the residency, or can it be an extension of a previous project?
The artwork does not have to be new; as long as it aligns with the theme, it can be added to subsequent touring exhibitions even if it was created before the current London exhibition timeframe.

How much time do we need to complete this residency project?
Work must be completed by the artwork submission deadline, which is July 15, 2024.

When will I receive a response to my application?
Within one week of submitting the application.

Where can I find more information about the researchers hosting this residency?
The residency is organized by researchers Yumie and Purple Frog . You can contact them via email.

Where can I find information and opportunities to communicate with the creators of the “Poetry Shop”?
Please contact us via email:











Ali, Xiaohai&poetry songs store 阿力,小海和诗歌商店

About Ali&xiaohai


Xiao Hai, photo by Ma Junyan.  小海, 马俊彦摄

Xiao Hai (b. 1987) came from Shangqiu City in Henan Province, the philosopher Zhuangzi’s hometown. He has drifted in different cities as a migrant worker for many years and composed over five hundred poems, he currently works as a shop assistant at a charity shop named Tongxinhuhui, near Picun. He was a member of the Picun Literature Group and won the Best Poet prize at the First Laborers’ Literature Awards. Translations of his poems have appeared in World Literature Today.

小海(1987年生)来自哲学家庄子的故乡河南省商丘市。他多年来作为农民工漂泊在不同的城市, 他目前在皮村附近一家名为“同心互惠”的慈善商店担任店员。创作了五百多首诗。皮村文学组成员,获首届劳动者文学奖最佳诗人奖。他的诗作的译本出现在《今日世界文学》上。


Yalqun Galib (阿力), also known as many other names through out his creative journey, a certified teacher, independent artist, board game developer, short film maker… one thing he doesn’t like is to be labeled as this or that, those labels above would not be accurate as … another human being eagerly awaiting for recognition, acceptance and respect

Yalqun Galib(阿力),在他的创作之旅中也被称为许多其他名字,一名认证教师、独立艺术家、棋盘游戏开发者、短片制作人……他不喜欢被贴上这样或那样的标签, 上面的这些标签并不准确,因为……另一个人急切地等待着认可、接受和尊重


About poetry Songs store


The Poetry Songs Store was founded by Ali and Xiaohai, a musician and a poet. It’s a community where everyone can share their love for poetry and music.

With poems and songs forged in the fires of life, we sought the deep affections lost in the margins, along with the grand and ancient desolate poetic sentiments.



Follow them on WeChat to dive into the world of the Poetry Songs Store and ALi ALi’s daily adventures. 


  • WeChat video 微信视频号: 

诗歌商店(video works) sphnDxDAyh5MeR9 

啊力啊力(heir daily life) sphOA2csngU96DA 


About Exhibition


Join us for a journey into the visual world of poetry! This is an exhibition that visualizes poetry, based on the works by Ali and Xiaohai, we’re inviting artists to collaborate for our upcoming Exhibition, set to dazzle London in May. Whether you’re into dance, installations, crafts, products, or visual arts, we want to see your unique take on poetry.


Application Requirements: Any art form Including but not limited to dance/installation/crafts/products/visual arts

申请要求: 任何艺术形式 包括不限于 舞蹈/装置/手工艺/产品/视觉等

You can create based on the 40 poems of Xiaohai we selected, or their MVs. Of course, if you are interested in their other works, you can also choose their other works by yourself.


Who we are looking for: We welcome any and all art forms! Our exhibition is all about giving you the freedom to explore and express. Whether you want to work within our initial framework or go rogue with your own theme-aligned ideas, we’re all for it. Your creativity without boundary!

我们在寻找哪些人: 你可以选择跟我们一起完成现在的想法,在既有的框架内疯狂泼洒你的才华,也可以根据他们的作品完全用自己“语言”表达你的创意,我们希望大家的创作是自由的没有边界的。

Present Ideas ⬇️



Why Join Us?

If our speaks to you, if you’re moved by the thought of bringing the overlooked stories to light, we’d love to hear from you.

Trust me! You might also be captivated by their authenticity, soul-stirring power!

They are the heartfelt expressers of China’s “working class” and “marginalized groups.”

Their voices, like rough stones, are thrown at you one by one!

The piercing sounds traverse every inch of ground beneath your feet.

If you are deeply moved, please be sure to contact us! We sincerely hope that such good soul poets and artists can be seen by more people!








Core Values:

No matter where we are, no matter what life looks like, we have the right to feel everything and express everything! 

展览核心价值: 无论身在何处,无论生活是何模样,我们都有权利去感受一切,表达一切!


We would love to hear from you.

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