hey i’m Ali



Yalqun Galib (Ali 阿力), also known as many other names through out his creative journey, a certified teacher, independent artist, board game developer, short film maker… one thing he doesn’t like is to be labeled as this or that, those labels above would not be accurate as … another human being eagerly awaiting for recognition, acceptance and respect

Yalqun Galib(阿力),在他的创作之旅中也被称为许多其他名字,一名认证教师、独立艺术家、棋盘游戏开发者、短片制作人……他不喜欢被贴上这样或那样的标签, 上面的这些标签并不准确,因为……另一个人急切地等待着认可、接受和尊重


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